diseño de identidad para evento cáncer infantil


In 2019 we join one of the noblest causes: the fight against childhood cancer.


diseño de identidad corporativa para evento de cáncer infantil

Fundación Vuela suggested establishing September as the golden month to support children with cancer.

diseño de poster publicitario

For this initiative, we were responsible for creating the identity for 3 events: “Cáncer Sin Rodeos”, “México Dorado” y “Festival Dorado”.

diseño de playeras

“Cáncer Sin Rodeos” consisted of conferences throughout Mexico childhood cancer survivors and their families.

diseño de branding

The visual identity we designed for “Cancer Sin Rodeos” reflects hope through a color palette full of light and soft shapes.

diseño de line up

Corporate identity was defined by illustrations that evoked childhood innocence.

diseño de flyer para evento

For the “Festival Dorado” concert we designed a visual concept inspired by the perception of the world through the eyes of children and young people.

diseño de poster e ilustracion

This identity was embodied in a great variety of promotional materials and digital content for social media

diseño de poster para evento
diseño de material promocional
diseño de identidad para conciertos

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